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Siemens Definition 64-Slice CT Scanner

"This is vastly more accurate than any other available way of identifying apparently healthy people who are at risk for the development of CAD"
—Alan Guerci, MD, Executive VP, St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn, NY


The new "Gold Standard" technology for Preventive Medicine

Princeton Longevity is proud to be the region’s first preventive medical center to offer the Siemens Definition 64-Slice CT Scanner, the newest and one of the most important technologies in preventive medicine.

The Siemens Definition 64-Slice CT Scanner provides dramatic image detail and resolution that allows us even greater accuracy in detecting who is at risk for heart disease, early cancers or many other diseases. That translates into earlier and more effective treatment that empowers you to take  a more preventive approach to your health.

Until now, preventive medicine often relied almost entirely upon indirect measurements, such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels, to try to predict which patients were at risk for disease. Even in those patients who were considered to be "high risk" and were told to change their lifestyle, there was no accurate way to assess whether they had lowered their risk. The patient had to "wait and see" if they had a heart attack or other serious illness.

The Definition 64-Slice CT provides High Definition scans with the ability to see details as small as 0.4 mm (about 1/50th of an inch), create stunningly detailed images of organs and blood vessels for a more accurate diagnosis.

With High Definition Vascular Scans and CT Angiography, the Siemens Definition 64-Slice CT is a state-of-the-art scanner for detailed visualization of the coronary arteries with extremely high precision and clarity. This means that more invasive procedures, such as Cardiac Catheterization, can often be avoided.

High Definition 64-Slice CT scans are safe, reliable and accurate. Your scan takes only a few minutes and, for most scans, you are able to stay fully clothed. The scanner is very open and, unlike an MRI, is not at all claustrophobic. You lie comfortably on your back and hold your breath for just a few seconds. All our screening scans are done with special Low Dose Protocols to minimize any radiation exposure so you get much less radiation than a typical CT Scan.

The Defiinition 64-Slice CT Scanner’s unparalleled image detail and clarity allows Princeton Longevity Center to offer the most advanced and effective imaging for diagnostic and preventive medicine.

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