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Medical News

New Study Gives Hope for Alzheimer's Prevention

Where Did I Leave My Keys?- Worrying About the Memory Lapses

The Food Additive That Extends The Life of Your Food But Could Shorten Yours

New Guidelines Mean Statins For Everyone

Flawed Study Links Fish Oil to Prostate Cancer

The Annual Pap Smear Isn't Annual Anymore

You're Not Who You Think You Are

The Next Ten Years

To PSA or Not To PSA- The Great Prostate Screening Debate

Eating "Healthy" Could Be Making You Sick

Is A Daily Aspirin Right For You?

It's Not The Fat That Matters

Losing The Dangers of Fat Without Dieting

Keeping Your Growth Hormone "Fountain of Youth" Running

The Pain-Killer That Could Actually Kill You

Spring Is Coming And It Could Make Your Stomach Hurt

Eat That- It Will Spoil Your Dinner

The Missing Ingredient For Weight Loss

Get A Healthy Kick From Coffee

The Pros and Cons of Genetic Testing

What Does Your Stress Test Really Mean?

Top 10 Tips For Preventing Prostate Cancer

Making Your Barbecue Cancer-Free

Are You Getting The Protection You Need From Plavix?

Resveratrol- The New Fountain of Youth?

Is Your Snoring More Than A Nuisance

A New Genetic Test That May Revolutionize the Treatment of Coronary Disease

Making It Easy To Get Fit

Enjoy Summer- But Don't Let It Get Under Your Skin

Top Ten Tips for Living Well

Drink To Your Health

Time To Put Eggs Back On The Breakfast Menu

C-Reactive Protein- Helpful or Hype?

Taking Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attacks

Preventing A Hidden Danger of Travel

Lower Your Heart Attack Risk with Vitamin D

Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good?- How to Choose the Right One

Is Your Low Fat Diet Killing You? The Insulin Resistance Syndrome

"I Don't Want To Know- The Myth of Cholesterol and Your Risk for Heart Disease"

ACRIN Trial Shows Virtual Colonoscopy Ready for Widespread Use

Preventing Colon Polyps

Protecting Yourself From the Dangers of E. coli in Ground Beef (10/1/07)

New American Heart Association Guidelines for Women

The Hidden Killer Your Cholesterol Level Missed

Exercise Critical to Melt Internal Fat

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Nutrition Updates


Craving Comfort Foods?

Give Your Kitchen A Makeover

Breakfast To Go For Busy People

Mindful Eating

The Top 10 Nutrition Habits

Make Your Gluten-Free Diet a Healthier One

Is "MyPlate" On Your Table?

Five Cancer Fighting Changes You Can Make This Week

Five Low Calorie / Low Fat Flavors to Top Your Food

Build A Smart Salad

Powerful Potassium

Avoiding the After Lunch Slump

3 Tips to Defeat Healthy Eating Obstacles

Recipes for Nutritious Summer Fun

Take Charge of Your Mood With Food

Vitamin D: Strengthening your bones and perhaps your heart too!

Taking A Closer Look At "Natural" Foods

2010 Food Shopping Tips

Taking Your Oats from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Boosting the Benefits of the Foods You Eat

Go Vegetarian- Even Just a Few Meals a Week

Fuel Yourself With Filling Snacks

5 Budget Slimming Diet Tips

Three "Internal" Tools for Weight Control

Coffee Challenge

Bison- The Other Red Meat

Healthy Halloween Habits

Learning a New Lunch Routine

Parent Resources for Healthy School Lunches

Nutrition for Healthy Skin

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Tips To Help Control Carb Cravings

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pantry

Oatmeal and Cholesterol- 10 Years Later

Who is Your RD?

Lose Your Holiday Weight

The Secret to Low Carb Diets

Should You Take An Anti-Oxidant?

The "Low Carb" Craze


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Fitness and Health

15 Ways to Add Activity Into Your Day

Movement- Not Muscles

The 6 Minute Workout

Why Diets Fail

Embracing Change in Fitness

The Sandy Seven Beach Workout

The Top 5 Sports Injuries and How To Avoid Them

Top 5 Calorie Burning Warm Weather Sports

Top 10 Exercise Program Mistakes

Fixing Function, Increasing Strength

The No-Excuses Workout-Part 2: Do Extreme Fitness Programs Work?

The No-Excuses Workout - Part I

5 Simple Steps to a Healthier Back

Get Your Arms Ready For Summer

Have A Ball

The Deal with Your Heel

Everyone is Clamoring for Kettlebells

Are Your Hamstrings Too Tight

Break the Boredom- A New Way to Treadmill

Don't Be Fooled by Being "Skinny Fat"

iPhone Apps for Fitness

Spice Up Your Exercise With Cross-Training

You're Getting Warmer - The Proper Way to Stretch with Exercise

What Really Counts As Exercise?

Short Circuit Heart Disease

Which Aerobic Exercise is Right for You?

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

What Else Can Your Stress Test Tell You?

Playful Fitness Tips for Kids

Do's and Don'ts of Core Training

Creative Ways to Make Outdoor Exercise More Enjoyable

Is Your Desk Hurting Your Golf Game?

The Effects of Exercise on Cholesterol

Intensity Matters Most!

Do "Spot" Exercises Really Work?

The Anatomy of Resistance Training

Simple Ways to Increase Your Chances for Success with Exercise

The No Equipment, No Time Workout

Designing a Resistance Training Program

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